Terms and conditions of use

The Terms and Conditions are applicable to all persons who make transactions with the website muyuya.com


Muyuya: It is the online store of electronic commerce (e-commerce) that sells goods and services. Muyuya is owned by Technopark Ecuador Technology Park S.A.

Terms and Conditions: These are the general policies that apply to all transactions made by Users who use the Muyuya online store.

Special Terms and Conditions: These are the specific terms and conditions for a product or service marketed by Muyuya.

Website: This is the website of the online e-commerce store whose internet domain is: muyuya.com

User: Is the person who uses the website muyuya.com

Product: It is a good sold by Muyuya on its Web page.

Service: It is a service marketed by Muyuya on its Web page.

Provider: Natural or Legal Persons that offer or sell Products and / or Services in Muyuya.

Customer Account: The account created by the User on the Website, where you enter your personal information. The Customer Account does not contain information about the User's credit or debit cards.

Purchase: It is the commercial transaction made by the User on the Website to acquire a Product and / or Service.

Means of Payment: Used to make the purchase of a product or service. Money is the good that fulfills this function by definition, in addition there are other means of payment such as debit cards, credit cards, among others. Muyuya will accept as payment method credit cards and the services of the PayPal Payment Gateway.

Payment Gateway: This is the service of an electronic commerce application, which authorizes payments to electronic businesses (online), online sales in detail, businesses with physical presence and online simultaneously.

Shipping Method: Medium by which the Products or Services purchased through the Website are sent. The main Shipping Methods are: Postal Messaging, Parcel Service, Third Party Shipping and Store Pickup. Digital products such as computer programs (software), music, books, movies and the like are delivered by means of a download (download) on the Website.

General conditions:

a) Acceptance: The User accepts the Terms and Conditions when creating the Customer Account on the Website and / or when making a Purchase.

b) Ability to contract: Muyuya must be used by people with legal capacity to contract and be bound to comply with the Terms and Conditions. The use of Muyuya by people without legal capacity to contract will be the exclusive responsibility of their parents, representatives, curators, guardians or attorneys.

c) Customer Account: The User must enter the information of all the mandatory fields when creating his customer account. The information must be accurate and truthful.

d) Modifications to the Terms and Conditions: The Terms and Conditions may be modified at any time and will be published on the Website.

e) Use of the Website and Means of Payment: When making the purchase of a Product or Service, the User must provide the necessary information to comply with the shipment of the Product or Service. The User will pay for the Purchase with the means of payment available on the Website. Muyuya does not store information about the Payment Means used by Users.

f) Contract: At the time of purchasing a Product or Service, the User accepts the Terms and Conditions at the time of selecting the checkbox that indicates that "I agree with the terms of service and accept them without reservation". The type of contract is adhesion.

g) Promotions: Muyuya may carry out promotions, including the issuance of coupons. The promotions will be published on the Website, sent to the User by email or promoted on different media or channels to the Website. Any promotion or coupon must meet the following requirements: Contain a code, validity period of the promotion, specific conditions of the promotion. The Promotions will not be applied with other promotions, nor will it accumulate with other promotions.

h) Delivery of products: The conditions of delivery of the Product or Service to the User will depend on what the User chooses when making the Purchase and that the delivery information provided by the User is correct. Muyuya will use the services of a company that transports packages of international prestige as a Method of Shipment of Products.

i) Returns of Products: Users may return the Products purchased, for which they must notify Muyuya by means of an email within a maximum period of 3 days from the receipt of the Product, specifying the reason for the return. In order to authorize the return of the Product, the following requirements must be met: The Product must be in the same conditions in which it was delivered to the User; the damages or defects in the Product must not have been caused by the User; The Product must be returned with all the packaging, wrappings, invoices, manuals, instructions, certificates and accessories with which it was delivered to the User; The Product must not have been used.

j) Guarantee of the Product or Service: The User who has a claim with the Products or Services acquired in Muyuya, may request the information of the Supplier to make his claim. The Warranty Terms will be issued by the Supplier and will be published together with the Product or Service.

k) Applicable legislation: The User accepts the laws of the Republic of Ecuador, without taking into account the principles of conflict of laws, these Terms of Use and any claim or dispute that has arisen or may arise, unless otherwise indicated in these Terms and Conditions.

l) Legal Disputes: The User and Muyuya agree that any claim or dispute according to law or equity that has arisen or may arise, for the use of or access to the Website or for the purchase of any Product or Service shall be resolved in accordance with the provisions set forth in these Terms and Conditions.

m) Domicile: All notifications of legal appearance to Muyuya, should be properly notified to Technopark Ecuador Technology Park S.A., preferably in Spanish or English, by mail, to the following address:

Technopark S.A.

Calle 31-A # 211 and Av. Flavio Reyes

Manta, Ecuador