About us

Muyuya is an online store (e-commerce) and is owned by Technopark S.A. (Technopark Ecuador Technology Park S.A.).

In Technopak S. A., We believe that we can help improve the quality of life of people, promoting business and entrepreneurship. We are a community of friends

Technopark S.A. is a company that carries out research, development and innovation projects. The main offices of Technopark S.A. are located in Manta, Ecuador.

In 2015, the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Technology Review awarded the prize of Social Innovator to the Technopark's CEO, for having developed an application for mobile devices that allows Financial Institutions to carry out transactions with the people who live in rural areas.

Technopak S. A maintains a Facebook Business Page of more than 1.1 million followers, with global reach, which is called Manta-Online (facebook.com/mantaON/), with which it mainly carries out the dissemination of gastronomy, the promotion of business and enterprises.

On April 16, 2016 the city of Manta where it has its Technopark offices S.A. was shaken by a strong earthquake of magnitude 7.8 that caused more than 650 deaths, thousands of injuries and millions of dollars in material losses. The most affected were the people with the least economic resources.

To help the economic recovery of artisans, Technopark SA decided to create Muyuya, to market to the whole world fine and unique crafts in the world that are produced in the region, such as straw hats (Panama hats), taking advantage of the global reach of Manta -On-line.